It is 2101, New Era. Technology and biology have evolved past the point of no return.
Human-animal hybrids of both anthropomorphic and humanoid nature walk the same earth.

Abigail Adelheid Rozenfeld is the brutal, merciless bounty hunter wolf-girl revered by many.
Jeremy Lantz is a computer hacker rabbit-boy, on the run from an unknown pursuer.

Together, they will discover dark secrets about their past, and the world they live in.


A rewrite of this episode is currently in progress. Later episodes will follow the rewrite.

As such, "The Arrival" is no longer representative of what HELLROSE should be like. It will still be preserved for archival purposes, however.

EPISODE 01 - The Arrival ~Abigail Meets Jeremy~(uploaded on the 31st of August, 2020)

Please excuse the shoddy website. I don't want to tie HELLROSE into a pre-existing ecosystem-- I'd rather do this on my own terms.
I'm learning as I go. I'm aiming to have a more fleshed out website like a FAQ section, a more robust archive to put older content in,
translations to other languages, and possibly more. Until then, this is what I can "afford".

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